Volunteering in Malta can provide you with something meaningful to do like, raising awareness on issues close to your heart, raising fund for a needy cause or just raising spirits. There are a multitude of areas where volunteers are needed. Whether working to end poverty, or promoting arts and culture in schools and museums of Malta, your work does not go unnoticed.

Due to Malta’s location near North Africa, there is a large influx of refugees. Malta does not have the funds, space or infrastructure to adequately deal with them. Volunteers are needed to help educate the refuges to European customs, teach English, provide general and medical care, and feed them. Working with the refugees gives volunteers a close insight to the issues refugees face, an experience not too readily available anywhere else in the world.

Other volunteer options available involve working with small business women in Malta. Volunteers are needed to help organize events, produce written material about their activities, and just carry out general administrative functions.

In addition to the different non-profit organizations working and needing help in Malta, private citizens also advertise online or in local newspapers asking for volunteers. Usually in such cases the volunteer is given free boarding and lodging in return for help in running the business. The most common types of businesses requesting help are hostels, bars or restaurants. Duties include general maintenance, looking after customers, and keeping records. Despite the fact that volunteering is hard work there is plenty of time left over to see the country in a way no tourist ever will.


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