Volunteer work can be very beneficial if you are willing to do unpaid work in order to gain experience. Switzerland offers numerous opportunities for such work. Depending on the duration of the work, volunteering in Switzerland will allow you to pick up new languages, cultivate contacts, perk up a CV and explore Swiss culture all at the same time.

One interesting option is Conference Volunteering. In this program, volunteers actively work to interpret and host some of Geneva’s most significant conferences.  Volunteers are involved with tasks like assisting delegates, aiding in multimedia support, and drafting and editing reports on proceedings of the conferences.

Another interesting volunteer opportunity for expatriates working in Zurich exists in the form of Social days. English speakers spend a day in retirement home kitchens and socializing with the residents. The activity is not limited to people living in the city, anyone can join in.

Home stay and Farm work volunteers are always in demand in Switzerland. Such projects are usually situated in or near small towns, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It truly allows you to experience Swiss culture. The advantage of these projects is that volunteers are needed year round.

Work usually involves looking after the animals, help in the house, general shopping, cooking and overall farm maintenance. In return volunteers normally get a room in the house, food, and spend time with the family. Volunteers also have plenty of time to explore what the surroundings have to offer. 


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