A highly developed country, Germany still needs volunteers to help meet the social needs of its aging population, run conservation programs, and work in environmental projects. Most volunteer projects are usually of short term, running from a few to several weeks in duration. Placements in volunteer projects can be found year round, but most opening are available during the summer months.  

Typical places requesting volunteers include hospitals. Here volunteers help in almost every department, carrying out various duties except those requiring trained specialists. Some duties include transporting patients from one examination station to next within the hospital, supporting janitorial services, helping nurses with general duties not requiring medical expertise.

Working with disabled people is another area that uses volunteers. Volunteer placements can be found with handicapped people living on their own, in shared apartments or in care homes. Volunteers help with household duties, shopping excursions, personal care and provide support in free time activities.

There are many conservation and environmental projects that use volunteer help. Volunteers help repair facilities, clean up, landscape, and count wildlife. Volunteers also provide aid in preparation of exhibitions and give presentations and tours to the foreign visitors. Conservation work is usually more labour intensive requiring reconstruction and preservation of monuments.

Another unique program requires native English speaking volunteers to spend one week in resorts at different locations in Germany. Professionals in Germany wishing to improve English speaking skills spend the days conversing with the volunteers on topics of mutual interest. Volunteers get food and accommodation in return for the conversation, and visit places of interest in their free time.   


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