Poland is a beautiful country certainly worth visiting.  Wonderful mountains with National Parks in the South, a long coastline in the North, a number of history packed cities like Cracov, Warsaw or Wroclaw are popular holiday destinations for the international tourists. Yet a typical American or European visitor will just admire the monuments, see the landmarks or eat some local food.  There will be very little cross-cultural interaction and rest.

Thus volunteering vacation is growing in popularity and Polish authorities have certainly made a way for it to happen through many venues. Tatra and Pieniny National Parks serve as perfect examples. Their volunteering system is based on the American National Parks volunteering methods where the role of the rangers is usually taken up by the volunteers. The volunteers are provided for with: the accommodation within the National Park region, the insurance needed for their volunteering time, special work clothing with the National Park’s brand name on amd a professional training for the work.

The foreign volunteers will not only get to enjoy the awesome sights, but also will mingle with the local volunteers to taste of the Polish culture. Is it popular? You bet. There are no more open spots with the Pieniny National Park for this summer.

The coastline is even richer in opportunities to volunteer. Rural tourism, agriturismo and holiday farms all welcome the volunteers to take care of the animals, especially the horses as one of the biggest attractions there is horse riding. Other responsibilities will include some cleaning, or catering for food. In exchange the volunteers will be provided for with accommodations and meals, as well as some spare time to have fun and relax. The Baltic Sea resorts are also popular holiday destinations for kids and youth camps. Native English volunteers will be more than welcome to provide English speaking opportunities and teach young people about their countries.

Finally city volunteering is worth mentioning. With so many historical sights there will always be a need for volunteers in the areas of protection of monuments and heritage conservation.


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