Just like most countries around the world, Portugal has felt the effects of the global economic crunch. Poverty level in the country is 18%, and there are many people that need food, clothing and shelter. There are many opportunities for volunteers to either work in humanitarian projects or in environment related projects in Portugal.

For volunteers interested in staying in cities; there are projects involving driving around the cities and delivering food to the homeless people living on the streets. The homeless people living on the streets of Lisbon come from different countries. Volunteers with various language skills are a big bonus to the project, as they can connect with the homeless.

The language of the internet is also the language of commerce and technology. For the younger generation to succeed in a competitive job market, it is a must learn language. Native English speakers can volunteer to teach English at the free language centres and provide a much needed service that is not accessible to youth of this class. In return the volunteers get to connect as non-tourists with the native residents, make new friends and explore the locality in their free time.

The coastal areas of Portugal also need volunteers interested in conservation work. There is the option of working in clean up teams, and tree planting operations. Some projects even allow volunteers to name the trees they have planted. Additionally there are also Do-It-Yourself projects like renovation of old hotels and guest houses in the inner part of the country.


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