Norway’s Northern Lights are one of nature’s the most amazing natural phenomenon. Volunteering tours allow you to witness this theatre of nature, experience Norway’s culture and help others at the same time.

Volunteering or working tours are the most common form of volunteer activity in the country. Such tours require volunteers to find and do work in tourism industry or some type of farm work. You can even apply for a working holiday. Individuals of all nationalities can apply to help with agriculture jobs like picking fruit, working with horses and looking after farm animals or even harvesting. Other work options include work at resorts waitressing, cooking or doing housekeeping. In jobs like this you usually get a place to stay in return for the work you do. Needless to say, the experience of working on a farm or in the tourism industry is an added benefit which looks great on a C.V when applying for a real job.

Au pair jobs are another volunteer activity that is very common in Norway. Au pair jobs are usually located in the cities, and the volunteer shares some of the responsibilities of the host family. In return the volunteer gets room and board.

Internships are another type of volunteer work which allows you to gain a lot of practical experience. Usually such internships are done as a part of a course you can sign up for at a university.

All these jobs give the volunteer plenty of free time to explore the country, culture or take on some language classes.


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