El Salvador is like most of the other Central America countries in the respect that it has a fragile economy and is often punished with natural disasters. Despite its tiny size El Salvador can boast twenty volcanos on its soil, luckily; only two of them are still active. Earthquakes and hurricanes have hampered development time and again because it has few resources to deal with such disasters. That’s where the volunteer organizations step in.

There are many organizations to choose from. Some are specific to certain needs of the Salvadorian people, but others have a more general nature and will place people in a wide range of settings, from art to women’s rights movements, depending on the volunteer’s experience or interest. Spanish is required for some placements, but others don’t care and will let you learn the language how and when you please. With some of these programs it is possible to lend a hand for just a few days, whereas others ask for a commitment of a couple of months or more.

Much of the work of the voluntary organizations are centred on community development. This is a term that can cover a whole variety necessities. It can be help with setting up micro businesses, construction of housing for the homeless, medical support or the promotion of social justice in both urban and rural areas. One such program calls for artists to help the people express their wishes and to act as a link between them and support agencies. Still others concentrate on education or public health.   


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