Canada welcomes the contribution given by international volunteers and offers a wide range of programmes foreigners might be interested in. Volunteering programmes based in the metropolitan areas usually revolve around conducting social projects for the elderly or working with orphaned children. In the more remote or rural parts of the country, you can help out by involving yourself in a house – building project or by participating in recreational and/or educational camps for people with certain disabilities or who cannot afford such excursions.  Public health programmes are also available,for both urban and rural areas.

English is a requirement for volunteers wishing to involve themselves in projects all over Canada with the exception of Quebec, where French is preferred.  Other requirements can vary from one volunteering organisation to another and from one project to another, but you are generally asked to provide proof of a clean criminal record.

Working with an international organisation or a volunteering placement agency will ensure that your programme is trustworthy and that legal matters are taken care of. With such an organisation you can even ask for a personalized volunteering programme. Most projects also offer free accommodation for volunteers, so that is one less expense you have to worry about. One way of avoiding paying agency fees is by contacting a local Canadian non for profit organisation and discussing your opportunities directly with them.

Most volunteering activities in Canada do not require a Visa, but if your programme is similar to an internship,you are required to apply for a work permit even if you are not being paid.


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