Would you like to volunteer in Greenland? There are lots of ways you can make this happen. Be sure to check out our global volunteer opportunities here.

Volunteering in Greenland can provide an opportunity to experience a country that is like no other on the planet. The unique culture, animals and extreme climate offer an opportunity that few other places can match. There are many volunteering opportunities available for those brave enough to brace the conditions.

Reindeer farmer in the South Greenland with a herd of 1,600 wild animals uses volunteer help during the summer. Volunteers with a passion for animals and outdoor activities can spend time carrying out farm activities like herding, mending fences, and slaughtering of reindeer.  In free time volunteers can enjoy trout fishing in the nearby lake and hunting. Volunteers follow flexible schedules, switching between leisure and work. The farm has its own slaughterhouse as well as a smokehouse.


Another volunteer option is museum work in East Greenland. The local museums requests volunteer help to renovate the museum’s historical potato house. Initially used to store potatoes and other veggies for use during winter months, now it is employed to house traditional seal skin boat. The project will allow volunteers to learn first-hand the traditional methods of arctic house construction. In addition to experiencing local culture, volunteers can enjoy fishing, sailing and kayaking in the nearby mountains. Furthermore volunteers can observe chunks of ice floating in the Atlantic Ocean and nights with no darkness.

Expeditions to Greenland take participants to explore gigantic icebergs, deep valleys and the winding fjords. Trekking journeys across the tundra and kayaking along the fjords are also enjoyed.  Phenomena only Greenland can offer.


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