Congo is relatively mineral rich country in Central Africa. The country has many mineral resources professionals and experts in mining can find work in the mining industry in the country. To find jobs in the country’s mining industry applicants will need to use job search engines such as, or

For individuals who love the gospel and would like to spread the word around the world RC has a few organizations that can cater for this need. Church based organizations such as the Evangelical Covenant Church offer missionaries and other interested individuals jobs for periods ranging between 1 and 3 years. The church has been in the region from 1937 and has a strong and firm relationship with the local community.

The RC also has several UN agencies operating within her borders. Employees of the UN in other countries can use intra organizational means to transfer into the country. The available positions are frequently advertised on agency website. Other international organizations in RC include IECD, which has an active healthcare support program in the country.

The RC has extensive rainforest cover which acts as an important water catchment area and home to various animal species. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has carried out research in the country’s remote northern forests and discovered a large number of lowland gorillas. For individuals interested in conservation and research work such organizations can provide rewarding placement. Being a French-speaking nation, TEFL certified English instructors are likely to plenty of students in the country. Like much of Africa development issues are often hampered by lack of resources and professionals who enjoy networking and partnerships can find a way to create opportunities in RC.


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