Gambia is small country located on the coast of West Africa that is great place for individuals interested in working in poor developing nations. The small country is struggling with issues such as access to basic education, health care and infrastructure, which provide some opportunities for work in the country.

For individuals in health care, the UK has invested heavily in the country and established the largest research unit in The Gambia. The Medical Research Council (MRC) unit is among the largest medical research facilities in any developing country. The internationally recognised unit, known for its performance with infectious diseases is a perfect place to work for health care and laboratory professionals.

For students completing their studies or individuals looking to and to the resumes, The Gambia is a suitable destination. The presence of International NGO’s has led to numerous internship vacancies within the country. Organizations such as CIDA, UNDP, IHRDA and MRC regularly offer interns vacancies within their organizations. Examples of activities include working with NGO partners to identify local communities that can benefit from sustainable agriculture technology and knowledge. The IHRDA internship program is very suitable for human rights students as it is designed to prepare young human rights professionals.

Though the country’s tourism sector is still at fledgling stage, some international hotels such as Sheraton are operational in Gambia. For chefs and other professionals in hospitality these establishments can provide an opportunity to sample life in West Africa. In addition to such opportunities, the government recently proposed implementing a four-day workweek for civil servants across the country. The recently implemented move has the potential to increase emphasis in other sectors such as agriculture.


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