With the recent petroleum extraction activity that started in offshore in Sao Tome and Principe, jobs in the petroleum sector are likely to be available. Industry specific search engines such as oilcareers.com are among the means of getting vital information o jobs in the country. Among the major players in the industry, include Chevron (US), Esso Exploration and Production (Nigeria and Sao Tome) and Dangote Energy Resources Equity Ltd (Norway). The ERHC is also a good option with marked interest in specific demarcated blocks off the shores of Sao Tome and Principe.

For professionals engaged in social work, organizations such as Caritas.org can provide some jobs of interest. In 2007, the organizations campaigners and supporters managed to argue for a cancellation of national debt of $362 million or $2400 per person. The organization was adamant given that almost the entire population is poor relying on subsistence activities for survival. The organization currently works on HIV/AIDS, Literacy and Community mobilization. Individuals interested in social work can also benefit from grants offered by regional banking giants such as Ecobank. The bank currently has a 2500 Euro grant in support of a youth development project in Sao Tome and Principe.

For intra-organizational transfer individuals employed by organizations such as the European Commission can venture into Sao Tome to assist with their many development projects. The commission strategy paper for 2008-2013 is a good source of information as well for other interested parties. Other intra-organizational options can be found within the Sao Tome Red Cross internationally involved in disaster management and social services.

For individuals interested in Agriculture, Sao Tome relies heavily on Cocoa produced for foreign revenue. Organizations such as IFAD are active in Sao Tome providing farmers advice on modern farming methods to ensure better harvests and crop husbandry. In a story from Sao Tome, a retired Italian consul has for years been producing some of the finest chocolate for markets in Europe, USA and Japan. Given the reported quality of the treats, marketing these is a sure way to lasting work.


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