Niger is constantly devastated by drought and food security is major issue in the country. According to Hellen Keller International, the government has acknowledged that food security is a problem and almost half the population could be at risk. In light of this dilemma, the organization works in partnership with government and other NGO’s to support community rehabilitation programs for malnourished children.

Due to the problems caused by flash floods and drought framers in Niger often suffer owing to adverse weather changes. Oxfam international that has been in Niger since 1992, initiated a project to reclaim 200 hectares of land that would revive and sustain the income generating ability of 83 Nigerien households.

Niger is producer of uranium ore and mining companies such as AREVA operating within the country can provide work for interested individuals. It should be noted that due to poverty and policy 99% of workers are local with the exception of almost 50 expat managers who facilitate knowledge transfer. This is great opportunity for individuals looking to add some glimmer to their resume. The organization is especially suitable as it has mining operations in many parts of the world and can facilitate exploration while working.

For individuals interested in climate change International Alert in partnership with the University of East Anglia and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change research have a project on climate change and conflict along the Niger River basin. The project covers Niger, Nigeria and Mali and operates in partnership with local universities and research centres. The overall goal of the project being to create links connecting environmental stress, climate change, at various levels. IN addition to the above options individuals should consider organizations such as Plan International, WaterAid-UK, among others working to improve life in Niger.


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