Like much of sub-Saharan Africa, poverty has drawn many international development partners to Malawi. Plan international, a major international partner has been in the country since 1994 assisting disadvantaged children. Plan international assists in access to their rights to health, education and food security. The organizations programs currently directly affect almost 29,000 children in the country and has positive outcome on thousands more.

Oxfam is another international partner that strives to eradicate poverty on a global scale. In Malawi, the organization has established an irrigation scheme that ensured rice farmers enjoy bigger harvests all year round. In addition to that Oxfam works to improve local earnings, take appropriate action in response to climate change, assist with HIV/AIDS, prevention of violence against women and humanitarian work. Other than paid work, the organization welcomes volunteers to contribute to their cause.

In relation to the threat of HIV/AIDS, individuals interested in health work should consider PIH/Malawi. PIH delivers among the best HIV treatment outcomes in Africa and comprehensive primary care. For more information on the organization and work, interested applicants should consult Ms. Dahl of Dahl & Dahl, LLP.

Due to poverty, Malawi has a shortage of trained teachers to provide instruction within its schools across the country. Organizations such as welcome both qualified volunteer teachers and volunteer trainee teachers to assist in meeting its objectives in Malawi. Individuals interested in these volunteer activities are required to enlist for a minimum of three months coinciding with the regular school term. There are three terms namely Term 1 from September to December, Term 2 from January to March or April and Term three from April to July. 


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