Madagascar is large island located on the Indian Ocean. The island is home to several unique and endangered fox like lemur species as well many other unique plant species and animals. In locations such as Azafady, specialists interested in working in Madagascar for long periods can find useful work. The program engages specialist volunteers for long periods in other projects such as those involving HIV and STI prevention program, sustainable livelihoods initiative and teaching English (TEFL).

The English program recruits teachers who strengthen the human resource base at Fort Dauphin. The staff will be involved in teaching intensive English classes to high school baccalaureate students. In the South Eastern part of Madagascar, the locals are often engaged in fishing or subsistence farming. Due to lack of adequate crop diversity and recurrent failed harvest the regions suffers from intermittent food security issues. Interested applicants can take long-term opportunities with the organization to help diversify livelihoods and increase food security in the region.

Madagascar is home to a number of unique animal species. It is believed to be one of the first islands to have separated from the African continent and 75% of its species are unique to the island. Organizations such as Durrell Conservation Park can be a perfect place to find work for conservation specialists and research teams. Despite its astounding beauty, Madagascar remains among the poorest countries in the world and faces a number of challenges. In light of these challenges interested applicants should investigate projects in wildlife conservation, teaching, sustainable development, environmental conservation as well as mining.


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