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The triangle like shaped country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated in southeastern Europe. Bosnia sits towards the north and is a mountainous region with dense forests. Herzegovina is located in the southern portion and is made up of mainly flat lands well suited to farming. It shares a 13 mile (20 km) coastline with the Adriatic Sea.

The country is fast gaining a reputation of being a must visit destination. Its ancient culture, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and historic cities draw increasing numbers of visitors each year.

Sarajevo is the capital city and home to some of the most impressive architecture, museums, galleries and ancient markets. While the town still shows some signs of the recent war, they are offset by some of the most amazing views of lush green hills. Located less than an hour’s drive for the capital, the Jahorina resort offers the cheapest skiing and snowboarding in Europe.

Mostar is Herzegovina’s parallel to Sarajevo. It most recognizable landmark is the destroyed ancient bridge that was reconstructed in 2003. The old bridge was considered an achievement in engineering when initially constructed; today it is a symbol of reunification. The city’s narrow streets and ancient buildings attract a lot of visitors, who use it as a base when hiking in nearby hills.  

The Bjeslanica hills located further south provide not only some of the remotest hiking in all of Europe but incredible wildlife and scenery. Residents in some of the villages in the areas still continue to live as they did in the past.


Fast Facts:

Official Name:    Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Capital:    Sarajevo

Government:    Democratic Republic

Area (km2):   51,197

Currency:     Mark

Time zone:     GMT+1

Calling code:    +387

Language:    Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

Religion:     Muslim, Orthodox, Roman Catholic


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