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‘The hills are alive with the sound of music and songs they have sung for a thousand years’ – If you are standing on one of the many Alpine peaks in Austria you are bound to hear a distinct resonance of the past mingling beautifully with the present and ready to move on to the future. But something that sets this land-locked nation apart from its other European counterparts is the fact that it has managed to cling on to much of its rich legacy and has upheld it even in these contemporary times of change.  

Probably the oldest heritage is the Austrian flag that has remained unchanged since the Third Crusade. Next are the many creative minds who walked the land while it was serving as a mediator between the capitalist west and the socialist east. Mozart, Sigmund Freud and Ferdinand Porsche were some of the pioneers who hailed from this beautiful country. Representative of this tradition in the modern era are none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nobel Prize winners and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.


When the iron curtain was raised, Austria assumed responsibility of facilitating fusion between the two sides with the result that most of the global organizations like UN, OPEC and IAEAC maintain a strong presence here. Another frontier in which this country has established itself as a leading contributor is the renewable energy sector.  

Its presence is reflective of the age-old adage that all good things come in small packages and in case of Austria bring with them the finesse of Swarovski crystal and the indomitable energy of Red Bull.


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