As winter takes full charge, many faces light up with happiness. The joy of witnessing the white fluffy snow is no less than a magical experience. While some may dislike it for the absence of the summer sunshine, others get their gears ready for shimming away on the pistes of the snow-clad mountains. It’s a visual that cannot be described in words.  


The world is blessed with mountains abound with snow. So, picking a ski resort to fulfil your snowy adventures may get a tad bit difficult. But, we extend our expertise in helping you choose the best ski destinations this winter season. Pack your woolens and ski suits, book airline tickets and get adventure ready. It’s snow time.

Girdwood, Alaska

To kick off the list, we couldn’t think of a better place than Alaska. The snow covered mountains of Alaska evoke the adrenaline junkie in everyone. The powdery slopes and the high terrains of Girdwood make it a perfect destination for skiing. Nothing beats the white beauty of this ski town and the skiing experience is unrivaled. Away from the hustle and bustle of the regular city life, the town offers unparalleled tranquility and shall give you ample time to ski in peace.


Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Getting to Antarctica is surely not easy but once there, you are going to love every bit of it. Covered in snow round the year, the continent will woo you in ways unknown. A landscape that looks so pristine is also perfect for adventure enthusiasts to ski down some of the most gorgeous slopes. But that’s not an easy one. We suggest you to take a skiing expedition in Antarctica, only after every other spot in you skiing bucket list has been ticked off and you’re up for the final frontier.      

The Himalayas, Nepal

The highest peaks known to humankind are that of the Himalayas. And you will gush over the snow-capped majestic peaks. The Himalayan ranges are spread out across different countries and regions. Which one should you pick depends on what place you want to travel to. Take it from us, try Nepal. Nothing beats the grandiosity of the Himalayan ranges in this country. And skiing is the prime highlight of the lot.

 Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

There’s already enough hype about Aspen being one of the best ski destinations in the world. And, let’s give it to Aspen because it surely is a skiing haven. The steep slopes coated in snow shall win you for life. And all the chill and cool aura of Aspen add that extra touch to make it a happening winter vacay.

 Skiing Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland has always been a winter wonderland for everyone. And it truly deserves the title for it. The Swiss Alps makes the whole country a skiing dreamland but for the ultimate experience, head to Zermatt. The mighty Matterhorn Mountain challenges you to explore its distinctive snow-crowned peaks. You will have the time of your life schussing down its slopes.      

Ylläs, Lapland, Finland    


Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever to ski under the Northern lights or the midnight sun? We bet, nothing can match this enchanting experience. Scooping away the snow with your ski poles through the stunning trails of Ylläs is what you want to boast to your friends on the next get-together.

Niseko, Japan

 Hiking in snow

If powdery snow is your thing, look no further because Niseko is your destination. The mountains in Japan are world famed for being the recipient of the lightest powder snow on the face of Earth. This Japanese ski village will introduce you to night skiing that shall leave its long lasting impression. The beauty of the illuminated forests at night and skiing through them will be one of the biggest highlights of your trip.       

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