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Getting married is one of the best days of your life. It’s a time to express the love for your significant other in front of your family and friends. The best part is that you get to take off for a special vacation right after you’re hitched; you can combine your love of travelling with the love of your life, as cheesy as that sounds.

sunrise boat on lakeSpend time planning and preparing for your honeymoon together, so it’s an experience you both enjoy. There are certain aspects to include that will make it even more fabulous for you two. Do your homework and find out what other couples have done and make a list of desires you both would like to fulfil. See how to make your honeymoon one to remember.

Go Someplace New

Take it upon yourselves to study about new locations and pick someplace you two have never been before. This way you can discover the uncharted area together as a married couple. If you’re looking to explore a new country, then check out this company, which is your local connection in Vietnam. Enjoy an authentic view of the unique country and have the opportunity to witness the lives of the Vietnamese people, both the joys and the hardships. Imagine being able to immerse yourself in a whole new world and culture, as you explore, learn and create.

Dress to Impress

After you pick a spot to honeymoon, go shopping and secure a beautiful wardrobe for your trip. Set an amount each of you has to spend on new clothes and have fun picking out items that will pair well with your honeymoon trip. It’ll feel nice knowing you have a suitcase full of outfits that you know you’ll like wearing and showing off each day. Remember to pack as light as possible and only bring what you need. Choose a variety of clothing items, from workout gear to fancy selections for a night out on the town.

Stay in Multiple Places

It’s more fun when you have a chance to hop around to a few different cities or hot spots in your location. Stay in the mountains for a couple of nights, then move to a bed and breakfast and end up in a resort on the beach. Mixing it up is sure to keep your vacation exciting and interesting. Plan ahead, so you’re rooms and transportation are reserved, and all you have to do is show up. You’ll appreciate the change of scenery every few days, especially if you’re travelling for an extended period of time.

Plan Excursions & Adventures

Be sure to pick a few days where you let loose and participate in various excursions and adventures. Ask the locals or your hotel for suggestions, or research online ahead of time. Surprise your new spouse with an activity you know they’ll be excited to try and watch their face as they light up when you tell them what you’re doing. This is a good way to mix up your days and not get too comfortable in one place. Be sure to sprinkle in a few relaxation days at the spa or where you spend time reading by the pool.

Try New Foods

If you’re going to a different country, then you definitely have to make time to try new foods. Avoid eating what you do back home and explore the options the local culture has to offer. Try a different restaurant each night and indulge a bit on fine wine and food, since it is your honeymoon. Use the daytime to munch on a wide variety of smaller plates and snacks so that you can try as many unique flavours as possible. You’ll have wonderful memories of you both trying the cuisines and evaluating what you do and don’t like.

Go for Long Walks

Not only is it important to get exercise on your vacation, but it’s also a good idea to clear your mind. Do this by going on long walks together and exploring the area. You’ll feel refreshed after working your legs and breathing in the fresh air. Use this time to connect with each other and soak up the fact that you’re newlyweds. You also won’t feel as guilty eating all of the rich foods, when you know you’ll be walking it off. Find a challenging trail or walk the beach; make sure that you mix it up each day. You’ll be sure to work up an appetite, no matter where you walk.

Avoid Planning too much

If you want to have a great time on your honeymoon, then avoid over planning. Trying to do too much and obsessing over the clock isn’t going to relax you very much. Remember that you’re on your trip to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your new status as husband and wife. Sleep in, eat when you feel like it, talk to the locals and pick what you want to do for the day based on your mood. If you start to stress and plan a lot of activities, you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed and like you do when you’re back home with a long list of to-dos.

Splurge on A Luxurious Experience

Make your honeymoon extra memorable by picking one luxurious experience to splurge on. Whether it’s shopping at the most expensive stores, eating at one of the top restaurants or going on a day trip that sounds intriguing, choose an activity that you’ll both enjoy and always remember as a couple. Take your camera and document the day, so you never forget all of the fun you had. Save money ahead of time before you depart for your trip, so you’re not worried about how much the luxurious experience costs when you arrive.


Your wedding is magical and deserves to be celebrated with a fabulous honeymoon experience. The key is to plan ahead and have ideas in mind for what you want to do and where you want to stay. Once you land at your destination, relax and enjoy the ride. This is how to make your honeymoon one to remember. 


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