One of fastest growing and increasingly popular areas of London is its Shoreditch Area in the East End.  Shoreditch has proved to be one of the most dynamic and vibrant of districts and it is a hub to a number of digital and technology based companies in the city. There are a number of tech giants like Google Campus London that have set up their offices in the area. The Shoreditch area is a major draw with millennials and tech professionals from London as well as across the globe.

And to ensure that the area caters to its large business clientele, the hotels in Shoreditch London are at par with the best in other parts of the city.  You will find a wide variety of hotels to choose from luxury boutique hotels to budget accommodation.  

A popular choice with visitors and business travellers to the area is the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel that offers the best facilities and an elegant ambience at a very competitive price. It is also providing excellent transportation links to the surrounding areas including some of the top attractions in Shoreditch like: 


Enjoy the vibrant nightlife: While London is renowned for its electric and vibrant nightlife in many parts of the city, Shoreditch could be described as the hub of night time entertainment. While formerly the area was infamous for brothels and other unsavoury activities, it now is famous for its ritzy bars and nightclubs. There are top end clubs like Cargo which are expensively priced, while there are those like the Bedroom Bar that is known for its vibrant albeit quirky clubbing scene. Spread over two stories the Bedroom Bar offer hip-hop on the ground floor, with the top floor being dedicated to experimental music. There also is a spacious lunge area to relax and enjoy your drinks. Another great spot to go clubbing is 333 Mother that continues partying till the wee hours of the morning!    

Visit the pop-up mall at Boxpark: While pop-up restaurants, cafes and clubs seem to be the in thing, Shoreditch certainly is not lagging behind in any manner. There is its famous pop-up mall at Boxpark (the first of its kind in the world) where you can eat, drink and shop all of which are located in massive shipping containers.  The prices are reasonable and the range of products is amazing. From shopping for urban brands to the latest in organic products you will find them all here!

Street ArtThe city’s best street art:  For those who enjoy the art form known as graffiti or street art, Shoreditch offers the best. While in other parts of the London you will mostly get to see it only in galleries and museums, in Shoreditch you will get an opportunity to witness it on the streets. Take s troll from to the Shoreditch area from Brick Lane and you will get to see an up close and personal view of stunning graffiti art work. From there move from the end of Brick Lane towards Redchurch Street, which also has some of the finest graffiti displays on exhibit. While in the area you could further explore, the place moving across Shoreditch High Street to get to Shoreditch triangle from where you can enjoy a self-guided street art tour.  There also are guided tours for those who are interested on offer from Yplan with a knowledgeable guide showing you the best in the area.

Visit its unusual boutique shops: If you are shopaholic then going shopping in Shoreditch would be an experience that is totally unlike that in any other part of the city.  The best way to go about your shopping is to keep an open mind and browse through the unique and unusual items to be found in the area. The reason is that while you will get the best of high-end and trendy stuff in other parts of London, the sheer variety of miscellaneous items to be found here is simply amazing. You could begin your retail therapy on Redchurch Street that is home to numerous contemporary designers, apart from unique perfume labs that create bespoke perfumes for clients. There is a fabulous contemporary designer shop Goodhood that is a haven for women’s and men’s apparel and a wide choice of accessories. Another smaller independent shop worth a try is Wonderound, which looks like out of a fairy tale and offers quality apparel at affordable prices.

Boutique ShopSample delectable street food: If you are done with eating at high end swanky restaurants and want to try something different that fill stir your culinary imagination, Shoreditch is just the place to enjoy a fine variety of street food.  The area is renowned for its exceptional street food. There is Food Village that you will find on Shoreditch High Street, which offers an eclectic variety of dishes ranging from steak sandwiches to sumptuous burritos. Another option that is worth a try is the newer and bigger food destination up the road i.e. Pump Street Food Market with great food options and ample seating space.

Drop in at the cinema: While London is renowned for its superb cinema experience, the cinemas in Shoreditch are distinctive. They are mostly smaller and also offer space for theatre performances as well. Among the many venues Richmix is a great place that offers comfortable and shows indie movies of new directors and upcoming talents. It is symbolic of the independent cinemas and art spaces that Shoreditch has become renowned for. If you want to indulge yourself in luxury and stay cosy with fine wine, elegant couches, tables and warm blankets a visit to Electric Cinema is definitely recommended. It is one of the most comfortable places to enjoy a movie in style. 


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