While Paris is proclaimed to be the city of lovers, London definitely is not lagging behind. There is plenty to see and explore for couples with its tranquil parks and green open spaces, lakes and beautiful gardens, making it ideal romantic spots to visit. If you are in love and visit London as couple there are quite a few places that will certainly set the both of your hearts aflutter for certain.

To begin with you need to choose an appropriate location to stay at in the city. A good choice would be the London hotels near Paddington station because their premium facilities as well as location.


The Park Grand Lancaster Gate hotel would be perfect with easy accessibility to the top spots of entertainment and also being well connected to the rest of London. Some of the top romantic spots to visit as a couple in London are:

Richmond Park: It is great to explore together as there is plenty of open space and an abundance of wildlife. A perfect escape from the buzz of the city, it makes you feel as if you are far way from civilisation. There are plenty of routes to choose from to explore on foot. If the both of you are keen on hiking it is recommended to opt for the Thames Path which stretches from Richmond all the way to Windsor. It is a healthy 30 miles trip along the river and along the way there are excellent views of Ham House among other attractions. The best spot to take a long and romantic walk together as a couple.    

Fields of Richmond park in London

The South Bank:  If you’ll prefer visiting some of the prominent landmarks in London together, then begin your walk along the Southbank Area along the Thames River. It is a lovely stroll to take together  as a couple and you will pass some of the most famous attractions which include St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Globe Theatre, the London Eye, Oxo Tower,  Big Ben and the Tate Modern among other captivating places. It is best to take the tour during night, when the lights of the city reflect off the river and look incredibly beautiful. On the flipside it can be very crowded but then people-watching also can be fun. And if you’ll fancy a romantic movie date, hop along to the BFI (British Film Institute) to watch a mushy Hollywood movie. 

Chelsea Embankment: A great placefor a strollwhatever thetime or part of the day. It is a perfect alternative to the Southbank as it is relatively peaceful with fewer people to be found along the route. As mentioned the South Bank is teeming with visitors at all parts of the day because of the prominent attractions that are nearby. In contrast a walk along Chelsea Embankment is serene and blissful because of the fewer crowds. Along the way enjoy the beauty of the  River Thames that flows placidly as you pass Vauxhall Bridge, Chelsea Bridge and move towards Albert Bridge and finally towards the stunningly attractive Battersea Park. All along the route you will catch a glimpse of incredible homes and architecture, which is something the both of you can aspire for as a couple at a later stage of life.

Chelsea Embankment Street Sign

Little Venice: Just about everyone is aware of the significance of Venice as the most romantic city in the in the world! London has its own romantic sweet spot in the form of its Little Venice in the city.  The area is well suited for a walking tour where you will be floored by the sheer beauty of Victorian era architecture that is to be seen in the Maida Vale residential area, which is just a stone’s throw from Paddington. And you will get plenty of opportunities to be transported on the tranquil waters of the canal (Venice style) although these would be by boat rather than gondolas. The both of you could continue till London Zoo where you can hop-off to continue your romantic tour. Along the way there are plenty of floating cafes and markets which are abuzz in summer and relatively peaceful in the winter. If you’ll begin your walk when it is dusk, it will be nightfall by the time you reach the end. There are plenty of restaurants by the banks which would be perfect for a romantic meal together.

Kyoto Gardens: It is saidthat walking as a couple has meditative effects and the best place to experience this is London’s famous Kyoto Gardens. To discover the healing aspects visit the traditional Japanese Yen Garden at Kyoto. It was a gift from the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce to the citizens of London in 1991. It lies secreted in a sequestered corner of Holland Park. There is a pond that reflects the serenity of the ocean, cascades of water that represent water flowing down gorges and mountains combined with authentic Japanese horticulture. Walking through the area would stimulate your inner tranquillity that is a guarantee!        

Kyoto Garden

The Thames via Hammersmith:  Another alternate to the crowded locale of the Southbank is to take a walking tour of Hammersmith Bridge. And if it is a sunny day it is ideal for a romantic stroll with your partner. It offers a rare opportunity to explore the Thames from a new angle, with swans along the route, the perfect epitome of love and romance. And there is ample entertainment along the way in the form of rowing activities including competitions during the summer. There are a number of cafes and pubs to be found along the waterside, which offer a splendid view of the city and are an ideal spot to hang out as a couple.    

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