Summary: Sherlock Holmes is a famous fictional detective known around the world for being an incredible sleuth and has a superb museum dedicated to his work.

MuseumTravellers may know a few famous figures in the UK including Queen Elizabeth and the current Prime Minister, but one of the most beloved fictional English characters is Sherlock Holmes. From the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the recent films and television shows in the UK and US, the legend of Holmes has not diminished. A great place to learn about this eccentric detective is at The Sherlock Holmes Museum, in central London. Travellers can head to 221b Baker Street where this popular cultural institution is found and there are usually queues of visitors taking photos and soaking in the fun atmosphere around them.

Tourists will adore the 19th century policeman that stands guard at the museum allowing visitors in and is happy to have his photo taken. There is a maid inside the building that tells people that the first place to see is Sherlock’s bedroom. There is a wonderful feeling when travellers visit this destination that is one of excitement, just like they are discovering something special and secret about this venue. The Victorian study at this attraction is absolutely stunning and offers beautiful furniture and interesting items. Tourists will also really appreciate the sitting room with its fireplace and the museum’s laboratory.

There are a number of superb Baker Street hotels near this museum that are ideal for a trip to London. A wonderful choice of accommodation is the Park Avenue Baker Street Hotel found near many sights and attractions. It has air-conditioned rooms that are very spacious and offer many modern amenities such as Wi-Fi internet. Travellers staying in the hotel’s double or club rooms will get to use amenities such as a fridge and microwave. Tourists staying at this accommodation will feel right at home as soon as they arrive there. Guests will appreciate the complimentary mineral water and large en-suite bathroom.

central londonThe venue allows travellers to take photographs so it’s great to have a picture taken with some of Sherlock’s items. Visitors can head to the bedroom of the detective’s landlady Mrs Hudson where they can discover many objects that appear in the books. Fans of the stories will particularly revel in visiting this excellent attraction as there are many items taken directly from the novels. If anything this wonderful destination will encourage tourists to read the books again or for the first time. Having just minor knowledge of Sherlock Holmes is absolutely fine when visiting this attraction, as plenty of information on him is offered.

On the same floor as Mrs Hudson’s room is Doctor Watson’s rented bedroom that is again filled with things that are featured in the stories. This room has many medicine books and a butterfly collection on the wall. Tourists can then head up another flight of stairs and get to the part where the museum has its wax figures of among others Professor Moriarty. This destination is ideal for all ages of Sherlock fans whether they are young or old who will enjoy it in equal measure. Travellers should head to this museum early on a weekday rather than the weekend when it can get very busy as Sherlock is still as popular as he ever was.


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