Planning a backpacking trip? Whether you are a seasoned veteran, new to backpacking, or have taken a few trips in the past, you have to plan in advance. These are a few of the many things to think about when planning a backpacking trip, to ensure you get the most out of your time out there.

HikingTime scale-
How long are you going to be going backpacking for? Have you decided the places you are going to visit in advance or planned the transport you will be using? There are so many things to think about before setting off on your backpacking trip. Have you decided where you will keep your belongings if you are going to be away for a while? Many backpackers who are planning on visiting different places for a long period of time will store their belongings in a self storage facility to keep them safe while they are away.

Know the trail (and your experience) – 
Know the trails. Make sure you know danger areas, points of rest, areas for sightseeing, and so forth. Also make sure you are aware of the terrain, whether it is an advanced (novice or beginner) trail, and what potential issues or risks may arise. All of this will make the trail safe for all, as well as enjoyable for all who are backpacking with you. 

Bring what you need – 
Water, food, safety kits, bandages. It doesn’t end there however. You need the right shoes, additional shirts (in case of weather or sweat), hats, and proper safety equipment. Plan with the right shoes, clothing, and know the forecast for the day. The more you are prepared (even for what might never occur) the easier the trail, and the more enjoyable it is going to be. 

Know your audience – 
If you are new to backpacking, are you really going to complete a 40 KM hike, in the most dangerous trails? Of course not. So, whether you are new to backpacking or have been doing it for years, if you aren’t going out on your own, know the skill level and fitness level of those going with you.

Backpacking is great exercise, great for sightseeing, and enjoyable for an avid outdoor enthusiast. To make the most out of your next planned trail and excursion, these are a few of the many things to think about when planning for that next trail and trip you are going to be taking on.


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