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Hotel booking, like more or less everything else, has been transformed by the internet. The ability to browse hotel websites and choose which property is right for you, then choose between their selection of rooms and suites and book online, has given the consumer more choice and more knowledge about what they’re choosing.

Smartphone apps have only intensified this fact. A range of apps, most of them free, are available which allow you to compare and contrast hotels and their options, down to details like restaurants and bars, and amenities like gyms and swimming pools.

Book online 

Some apps allow you to do this across hotel brands, based on general information like city and price range. Expedia, for example, allows you to view hotels’ key information, as well as finer details like checkout times, and compare the information between hotels. So if you’re searching for London hotels within a certain price range, you can browse all the options that are available to you across hotel brands. This obviously has its benefits, particularly if you have no specific idea about which hotel brand you’re looking to go with. Comparison apps like these also often have a review section, which allows you to take on board other customers’ experiences before you book – an increasingly important feature of online shopping, and another thing that has been changed profoundly by the internet.

However, apps are also available which are specific to individual hotel brands and allow a more in-depth browsing experience. For example, Montcalm Luxury Hotels has its own app, the Montcalm App, which allows users to get an in-depth view of all Montcalm’s properties and see their rooms, suites, restaurants, bars and amenities. Because it’s brand specific, it’s so easy to use, and once you’ve chosen your hotel and room type you can make your booking at the touch of a button. Once you’ve booked your stay, you can edit and manage your reservation through the app, and then, when the time comes to check in, you can do so online, bypassing the need to visit the desk and fill in time consuming forms. The same applies for checking out. The benefits of the Montcalm App aren’t limited to the beginning and end of your stay, either. During your stay, you’ll be updated via push notifications of the latest updates, deals and packages, meaning that using the app could actually help you save money on your stay.

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If you’re after something a little different to help you plan an impromptu weekend getaway, check out Hotel Tonight. This app delivers great last-minute deals at top hotels, from the same night up to seven days in advance. It extends to locations all across the world, and while you can’t choose from any hotel you can think of, as you can with standard comparison apps, you stand a good chance of getting a great cut price deal.


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