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A trip around Europe is an adventure that everyone should take given the opportunity, as this continent is home to a treasure trove of historical monuments, palaces, castles, along with a splendor of natural wonders, from gently rolling vineyards to snowcapped mountains.

If you’re considering planning your own Euro trip and wondering what countries to visit along the way, on all inclusive holidays or otherwise, here are six beautiful countries that you simply have to discover.


Italy - bichologo_erranteThere are few countries in the world where visitors can discover the mixture of rustic beauty and historical relics that can be found in the Mediterranean country of Italy. From the Ancient Roman Forum and Coliseum in Rome, to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, and the huge number of Renaissance art pieces that can be found in the cathedrals and galleries of Florence, Italy is a dream destination for anyone interested in history and art. Putting its history alongside the mixture of beautiful coastline, vineyards, and mountain ranges, as well as its cuisine and wines, you’ll soon find that Italy is one of Europe’s best spots to visit.


Greece might be primarily known for its all-inclusive holidays that will have guests relaxing on some of the Mediterranean’s most pristine beaches, but it’s also home to one of Europe’s oldest cultural centers, including magnificent sites like the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Hephaestus. A trip to the Greek islands will provide visitors with the ultimate balance between a cultural experience and surf, sand, and sun.


Similar to Greece, Turkey is home to a number of important historical and archaeological sites, including one of the world’s most storied cities, Troy. A visit to Istanbul is a must for anyone traveling to Turkey, as the city is one of the major cultural hubs of the world, with sites such as the Hagia Sophia, local restaurants and food vendors, as well as the famous Grand Bazaar, where visitors can pick-up one of the renowned Turkish rugs. For those looking for a little more time by the sea, the Antalya Coast is filled with gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters.



There are few countries that have the type of charisma and charm that you will find on a visit to Spain, with each region bringing its own unique atmosphere, from the frenetic pace of Barcelona in the north, to the relaxed and tranquil way of life in southern cities like Malaga, to the fun vibe of its islands on all inclusive holidays. If you’re after a party, Spain is also a great place to head, as its many beaches boast some of the world’s coolest clubs. Add the fact that the country is famous for its wine and food, and it’s easy to see why so many fall in love with Spain.


France - jiuguangwMany consider France to be the ultimate destination for romance, and while iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées certainly make for a wonderful postcard moment, it is the hidden gems that truly turn France into one of Europe’s best places to visit. With stunning beaches in the south, and what is commonly believed to be the world’s best wine and food, France is a feast for the senses, and anyone who visits will be begging for another taste.


It might not be a traditional holiday destination, but Iceland is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular, as its dramatic landscape provides some of the best natural site seeing on the continent or off. With a wealth of geothermal wonders, including volcanoes, waterfalls, hot-spring spas, as well as the otherworldly light show that is the Northern Lights, visitors to Iceland will find a destination unlike any other they’ve visited before

Whether this is your first trip through Europe or a return, these are countries that you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Images by El Bichólogo Errante and jiuguangw, used under Creative Commons license


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