Dukley Gardens

Have you heard already about the wonderful place of Dukley Gardens? Located at the very heart of Europe, in the country called Montenegro, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, a magnificent complex awaits all who wish to try a different kind of a life style. A place that will set your mind at peace, nourish your children, and ensure that you feel relaxed like nowhere else in the world. Welcome to the secluded exotic heaven that you can proudly call your home.


Dukley GardensIf you enjoy yachting, and you are arriving by sea, the Dukley Complex will win your heart over in a second. Mr. Neil Emilfarb made sure that all sailing enthusiasts find a spot to dock on his 62,000 square meters marina. The staff is working around the clock and will welcome you on shore, presuming that your vessel is no bigger than up to 70 meters.

One of the most beautiful harbors in all of the Adriatic Sea offers full marina assistance, including security, pilotage, concierge, fueling dock, an on-site Police station, Customs, etc. Depths may vary along the marina, but yachts with a 4m draft will find no problem in finding a spot here.

Dukley Residences

Just a few steps away, regular residents can find their peace within the beautiful complex of Dukley. A contemporary and environmentally friendly design of 36 residences and 202 apartments that are almost all sold out, but if you hurry up you might just find your piece of heaven in the old town of Budva. Its bay and marina view will make you fall in love with this place, and the fact that it’s located at the very center of an old town, surrounded by historical monuments and buildings, is just an additional aspect that will make this experience even more pleasant.

Dukley GardensEvery apartment is equipped with luxury features, including a smart-home security system and appliances that you can find in every five star hotel in the world. A full 24 hour concierge service is at your disposal as well, and if you’re leading an active life – once again you will find your needs met within the very complex. A swimming pool, a tennis court, a gym, and probably any activity that you might wish for is in a range of walking distance, inside of this closed beach community.

Beach, Bars & Restaurants

If you are a resident of Dukley Gardens – then you are also a member of the Dukley Beach Club. You can enjoy the view while drinking a cocktail from your personal cabana, one of the many situated on the private beach of Dukley. You will always have a waiter standing by, a DJ playing your favorite tune, and even a lifeguard to watch over you or your kids while if you decide to go for a swim.

If you get hungry, you can have a snack from a daily menu delivered to you right there on the beach. But if you wish to dine in style, you may want to visit the Dukley Lounge restaurant, located at the very shore, offering exquisite Mediterranean meals and a seasonal menu all year round. Many tourists come to Budva just to eat out at this very place and enjoy the local cuisine at its finest.

Starting from next year, visitors will also have the option to book a room in a five star hotel near the complex. Tourists are pouring in to witness this seashore wonder in large numbers, and while the interest is rising, it seem like the very state of Montenegro is shaping up to rival Monaco.


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