The United Kingdom is overrun with ancient castles, cathedrals and historical points of interest and as such is a great place to explore. What better way of doing that than foregoing the beaten tourist path and exploring it like a local, through volunteering?

Volunteers are needed in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and depending on whether your interest lies in city nightlife, peaceful farming towns or monsters of Loch Ness, there is a placement waiting for you. There are no age restrictions, you just have to be willing to help and have a good time. Volunteer types include Community health and development, culture, education, women, youth, handicapped and homelessness.

If working outdoors is more to your liking then volunteers are needed as a part of the United Nations Seven Billion Trees campaign. The project is based in Scottish Highlands and they welcome volunteers from ages of 18 to 70. Work includes habitat restoration, seed collection, tree planting, removing non-native trees and survey work. While no experience is needed, you do need to be physically fit.

Working holidays are a fantastic to see a new place without burning a hole in your pocket. Britain’s National Trust owns over 240,000 hectares of land and cares for tremendous variety of wildlife including more than 1,250 at risk species. An army of volunteers is needed to manage the habitats. Volunteers can choose from the 450 working holidays offered by the charity, from locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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