Romania’s natural beauty, ancient castles and pastoral villages set against the Carpathian Mountains make it the perfect place for volunteer work.

Romania is a developing country, trying to recover from the underdevelopment and poverty of the harsh communist era; it faces many social and economic issues. Housing conditions are poor, state benefits nominal, the education and health care systems are poorly funded; the country needs all the help it can get.  

There are many orphanages where volunteers can work. One located in Valea Screzii is situated in the breathtaking foothills of Carpathian Mountains. During the last one century, very little has changed here. Volunteers can experience the Romanian way of life, and explore castles and villages in the vicinity by living in this picturesque town. Volunteers can work in the orphanage attached clinic, help with daily care of the children, teach or construct more homes for the children.

Hospital paediatric wards need volunteer help to take care of children there. Many of the children belong to gypsy families and usually stay in the hospital for several weeks while recovering after an illness.

Day care centres and homes for children and adults having mental and physical disabilities also need help. Such positions are demanding and the most suitable candidates for these positions are people with experience in the field.

The ideal volunteer-experience related programs for teachers are the ones involving helping permanent teachers in schools around the country. Making the daily lesson plans and actually teaching some classes is a great way to boost any fresh graduate’s resume. 


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