Working Holiday / Temporary Work

It is The International Wanderers understanding that Andorra does not currently have working holiday agreements in place with any other country.

However other types of visas are available. These could include work, student, skilled work or business visas.

For the most up to date and accurate information we suggest you contact the closest Embassy or Consulate of this country.



Other Visas

If you wish to travel to Andorra:

  • on a business trip
  • to holiday
  • study
  • intern
  • volunteer
  • work
  • or to immigrate

Then check out the relevant pages about Andorra on this website.

Andorra is not a member of the European Union. There are no visa requirements for any nationality wishing to enter Andorra.

However, as Andorra borders Spain and France you have to enter through either of those countries – so if you are a not a resident of a Schengen country you will need the required visas for Spain or France. (link to about pages for those countries)

If you wish to work in Andorra (including those from European Union nations) you will need a work permit.

For more information see Principality Of Andorra

We also suggest that you contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the country you wish to visit to ensure you have the most recent and accurate information.



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