Foreign nationals, just like the citizens of Slovakia, are entitled to study in Slovakian institutes of higher education provided they satisfy the admissions criteria. Students have to pass various entrance exams. The material covered on these exams and how many is determined by the institute itself. The European Credit Transfer System is observed making the transfer of grades to other countries easier. The main language of instruction is Slovak, but many of the courses at undergraduate and graduate levels are offered in English.

For individuals interested in getting the flavour of the country and spending a little time studying, there are summer programs available. Ethnicity and Migration Studies is one such program of two-week duration. Combining workshops and lectures, it aims to put international students together to exchange ideas on international cooperation.

The Slovak government is generous and offers a total of 55 scholarships to students from developing countries. These scholarships are made available to students wishing to study Teacher Training and Education Science, Social & Behavioural Sciences, Dental Surgery, Medical Sciences, in addition to several other options. Not all fields of options are open to students of all countries. So you have to check which programs are open to your country.

There are two types of scholarships available, first type is for undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate students and the second for doctoral studies. The scholarships cover the cost of the standard duration of the program. Some countries get a quota of both types of scholarships while other countries may only get one type of scholarship. Again the specifics need to be investigated for individual countries.


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