Latvia is a multi-ethnic nation with deep rooted traditions in education and due to its location by the Baltic Sea acts as a bridge between East and the West. Study options in Latvia are open to all foreign nationals provided their certificate of secondary education is approved by the Academic Information Centre.

Latvia has state-financed and fee-paying institutes of higher education. For the most part Latvian is the medium of instruction in public universities. Some programs are designed to cater to foreign students and are taught in English. You have to check that they program you are interested in is available in English or plan to take some language courses before enrolling in the university.

Latvian institutes can be sorted into two main categories, namely academic and professional. The academic institutions provide both academic and professional education while the professional institutes train for specific fields only.

For foreign business managers wishing to upgrade their educational qualifications or students of Economics, special summer programs are also offered. Participants spend one week out of three, in Riga, Latvia listening to lectures in English dealing with varying aspects of competition and development of the Baltic economies. Discussion opportunities with upper management of local and international companies chosen from the fields of banking, IT marketing, food-processing, ship building or industry construction will also be a part of the course. This would be the ideal opportunity to study and have a vacation in Latvia.

Latvian government also offers scholarships to deserving students from countries with which Latvia has reciprocal agreement for its students.


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