If you have made up your mind to venture abroad in pursuit of higher studies, few options would beat Belgium not just in terms of variety in courses offered but also linguistic opportunities. For a student outside of the European Union, holding a valid visa is the first requisite for seeking admission while students from within the EU can enroll without a visa.

Since the constitution of this country has granted official status to three different communities, the social as also the educational fabric is a kaleidoscope comprising of all three in varying proportions. North is the bastion of the Dutch with Flanders serving as the main city and it is Dutch which serves as the main vehicle of instruction in colleges and universities here. Likewise students who are well-versed in French must try their luck at Wallonia and it is only the Germans who have sacrificed their educational entity by enrolling in the institutions established by the other two.

Requisites for admission vary from one university to another and there is no dearth of programs and research in which admission can be sought. If you hail from a developing country then you always have the option of applying for an internship or grant which will make studying in Belgium more affordable for you.  


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