More than six thousand international students study in institutions of higher education in Belarus each year. The universities are well equipped and offer quality education that is recognized the world over. Most universities have hostels, so student accommodation is not an issue. Students can choose to attend Medical, Technical, or Traditional Universities. While many of the courses offered are conducted in Russian, several are taught in English. Some of these include General Medicine, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, and International Relations.

Most of the study programs in Belarus have to be self financed as there are hardly any scholarships or Financial Aid packages offered. The positive point is that the tuitions fees in Belarus are possibly the lowest in all of Europe.

Admission procedures for universities in Belarus are fairly simple and requirements not stringent. Language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL are not required, however special language courses are available for students needing additional help with English. All that is needed for admission is a Secondary School Certificate, scanned copy of passport and the processing charges. Three to Four weeks are required for the processing to be completed.

To be allowed to enter the country you have to show proof of university fee, Birth Certificate, Secondary School Certificate (original), proof of TB and other medical tests and HIV report.

For people who are not interested in full time study courses, summer language courses are available. Duration of these can vary from four to ten weeks and they usually begin in early July. Application deadline is one month before the start of the course.

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