In recent years Ukraine has become more investment friendly leading to foreign investors and local entrepreneurs pouring money into the country. This has opened employment opportunities for foreign talent, as seen by the increasing number of work permits issued from 2010 onwards.

The definition of ‘highly skilled’ worker is not that well defined under the Ukraine law. Usually it just means someone with a degree and some experience in the field for which they are being employed. The demand for highly skilled professionals is so great that at times permits are issued even after quotas has been filled.

When hiring a foreign national, the Ukraine employer is the one who has to bear the cost of employment permit and the residence permit. The employer is also responsible for getting any extensions for permits and ensuring that the working environment is good. Finally the employer has to provide the accommodation or reimburse the employee its cost. Foreigners and employers have to pay the same amount of taxes as those paid by citizens of Ukraine.

Opportunities for casual work are fairly limited. Teaching English is one of the few options available in this category. Work during tourist season may be available in bars, resorts, restaurants, and hotels. The best way to get this type of work is to just visit the different businesses personally and ask if there are vacancies.

Few international non-profit organizations offer short term internships as they become available. But the availability of such work is very limited and completion intense.


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