For foreigners to find a job in Spain can be an agonizing affair indeed. This is partly due to the fact that almost every fourth person in Spain is unemployed, and secondly only about 15 percent of the jobs are ever advertised! It is the norm in Spain to fill vacancies by promoting internally or hiring staff based on personal references. This “hidden market” is very difficult to penetrate for an expatriate.

Major industries with job potential are manufacturing of chemicals, metals, textiles, apparel, food and motor vehicles, tourism and transport. Skills that are in short supply in Spain include mechanics, sales representatives and hotel and restaurant staff.

Approximately six percent of all job vacancies in Spain are in Finance and Accounting. Business Administration graduates, bankers, loan officers, and accountants are in demand, because these professionals move on due to better job offers and promotions leaving a void. To fulfil this need, employers are hiring on temporary contracts and provisional offers, which gives foreigners opportunities. Other sectors that have job potential for foreigners are the consulting industry and computer sciences sector. These sectors are globalizing and graduates, in particular those fluent in Spanish and English stand a good chance. Recent graduates can try gaining low or non paying internships with Spanish companies.

For people interested in short term and casual work best chances are in construction, harvesting and fruit picking. However, you will be competing with imported Moroccan labour and pay and work conditions are dire at best. Au pair is another option and it can be arranged for before coming to Spain. Online job sites can be very helpful in this sector. For fluent English and Spanish speakers, interpreting, teaching and translation jobs also open up.


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