Being a small country, Brunei has an accordingly small population which is insufficient to provide the required workforce needed to implement all of the development projects. As a result skilled and unskilled workers especially in the construction sector and services linked field are needed. Additionally chances of getting jobs in Brunei in the fields of accounting, administration, catering, engineering and teaching are good also.

Teaching work in Brunei pays especially pay well however to be able to teach in Brunei Public Schools you must a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree preferable in Linguistics, English or Humanities. Degrees from Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, UK and New Zealand are given preference and you must have a minimum of three years relevant teaching experience.

Roughly one third of the country’s work force is made up of foreigners, showing that there are plenty of job opportunities in Brunei. Since a majority of the citizens work in the public sector, Government is promoting employment in the private sector. There is a conscious push in promoting Foreign Direct Investment, so over-dependence of public service employment can be minimized.


Regulations on hiring foreign workers in Brunei are simplified to make it easier for foreign workers to come to the country and the Government provides extra help to businesses in getting approval for foreign workers whether they are labourers or managers. Labour Quaota system is used for expatriate workers by the Labour Department while the Immigration Department issues employment passes valid for duration of two years. Health screening made up of a blood test and chest x-rays are necessary condition for obtaining the work permit in Brunei.

The documentation needed to obtain work permit includes an application letter from potential employer, employment pass form, visa application form, passport photocopy, Employer’s Labour License, and Labour Department’s Form 500. It takes five days to process the papers and issue the work permit after submission of documents.


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