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Tucked away in the corner of Western Europe is a multidimensional country recognized by two names. Its official name is Netherlands, but Holland is also commonly used. In reality Holland is the name of two of its provinces. The western coast of the country runs along the North Sea, to the south sits Belgium and towards the east is Germany. The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam are its major cities, with Amsterdam being the country’s capital.

An amazing fact about the country is that roughly one third of it is below sea level, and for it to be of any use it has to be protected by dikes running hundreds of kilometres. There are also great efforts underway to reclaim land from the sea through dikes. Due to its location along the North Sea, and the river systems running through the country, Netherlands has cultivated some specialties like Dredging, Hydraulic Engineering, Shipping Trade and Internationals Servicing.

Netherlands is a small country in terms of area, but it is home to some of the largest corporations such as, Shell (Royal Dutch Petroleum), Philips (household electronic goods), AKZO (retail), Unilever, Ahold, Heineken, and ABN AMRO. Since Netherlands works in international trading a lot, it means a lot of its citizens are multi lingual.


Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The northern regions are less populated and foreigners usually do not venture out there, the area is however popular with the locals. West Frisian and surrounding lakes are worth a visit. Eastern portion of the country has the largest park in the nation as well as several mediaeval cities.

Fast Facts

Name:  Kingdom of the Netherlands

Currency:  Euro

Ethnicity:  Dutch, EU, Indonesian, Turkish, Surinamese, Moroccan, & Caribbean.

Religion:  Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Calvinist, other Protestant, Muslim,

Government:  constitutional monarchy.

Language:   Dutch (official)

Dialling Code:  +31


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