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Kosovo is a land locked country situated in the Balkan Peninsula, in Europe. The country’s terrain is for the most part made up of high mountains and plains. Four countries, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania share borders with Kosovo. Drini i Bardhe, its longest river, flows into Albania and spills into the Ariatic. Gjeravica, its highest mountain is located in the western part of the country, in the Peja region.

The local residents feel it is they duty be hospitable so they welcome visitors warmly into their homes. Many of them are multi-lingual speaking local languages as well English and German. Other than its beautiful mountains, Kosovo holds numerous attractions for tourists. Monasteries in cities of Peja, Pec, Decan and Prizren are on the UNESCO World Heritage site and worth a visit.

Kosovo cuisine is primarily based on meat, especially fish. Trout, sea bass and salmon are very popular and usually maintained in special restaurant pools and prepared fresh when ordered. Another local speciality is burek, a cheese, meat or spinach stuffed, baked pastry. For a flavour of Turkish food there are lots of kebabs on offer along with Ayran (a yoghurt drink).

Visas are fairly easy to obtain, and Schengen visa holders can stay in the country for two weeks without requiring Kosovo visa. Citizens of EU countries can stay for a maximum of 90 days even on just a valid ID Card. All other nationals will need a Kosovo visa. 

Fast Facts:

National name:  Republic of Kosovo

Government:  Republic.

Languages:  Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian

Ethnicity:  Albanians,Serb, Bosniak, Roma, Turk, Ashkali, Egyptian

Religion:  Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic

Total area:  4,211 sq mi (10,908 sq km)

Monetary unit:  Euro


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