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France is one of the most powerful and dynamic countries in Western Europe. It has a population of over 65 million. Its capital, Paris, is one of the most world renowned centers of art, commerce, fashion, and culture. Immigrants flock to the country every year thanks to its well run state allocated resources that are open to all contributing residents.

The French themselves are very proud of their national heritage, language, and culture. In fact, there is a special governmental task force that is in place to keep the French language pure. Modern words taken from other languages like English or German are frowned down upon because it is believed this alters the French language from its original source and sound.


The landscape of France ranges from the Atlantic beaches and cliffs of Normandy to the staggering Alps along its Eastern border. The Pyrenees mountain range separates France from Spain. The Mediterranean Sea along the south makes France one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. Its glamorous and gorgeous beaches make it easy to understand why. Central France boasts incredible plains and valleys that make the country one of the leading agricultural producers in Europe. Together these scenic areas combine to create a wide and varied country.

Business and commerce in France is at all time high at the moment. Thanks to this it has the 5th largest economy in the world. France has plenty of opportunities to be found everywhere from the smallest towns to its largest cities.


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