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Cyprus is an island country located south of Turkey, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. More than eighty percent of the population is made up of Greek Cypriots while the rest is made up of Turkish Cypriots. Nicosia is not only the largest city of the nation but the capital of the country as well. The unique fact about the city is that it is portioned off by a Green Line into a northern and southern half. That makes Nicosia the only divided government headquarters on the planet.

Collision of the European and African tectonic plates gave rise to the Troodos Mountains of the island, and the famous Mount Olympus is the range’s highest peak. The range has deposits of copper pyrites, asbestos, iron and chromium.


Cyprus has been in the limelight throughout history, and many civilizations have tried to rule it. Its history goes back to Mycenaeans, Phoenicians, Egyptians and Persians. Even Richard the Lion heart had designs on the Island when on route to the crusades.

Cyprus is every holidaymaker’s delight. It has been known as the “island of the sun” since the ancient times due to the 340 sunny days it gets. The average yearly temperature hovers around 30°C (86° F). The winter in the country is short and relatively mild, with snow on the mountains. This diversity in weather means there is something for everyone to enjoy. One can experience winter sports like skiing in the mountains and swim in the crystal clear waters or sunbathe on the beaches. There are many opportunities for sailing and other water sports as well.


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