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Bulgaria is a uniquely diverse and beautiful country. Located on the Balkan Peninsula, in southeast Europe, it is one of Europe’s most sparsely populated countries. The country is endowed with pristine beaches on the Black Sea, and abounding farmland along the Danube Valley. Most of its land however, is occupied with mountainous terrain. This provides visitors with ample hiking, skiing, walking and mountain biking opportunities.

Bulgaria has a rich traditional culture that has not changed over the centuries. During most of the summer months festivals are celebrated throughout the country with Bulgarian hospitality shining through. The Valley of the Roses is situated in the centre of the country. The festival of Roses is celebrated with fervour in all towns in the region with folklore displays and rituals of rose picking.

Summers in Bulgaria are a comfortable 24° C and very little humidity. Sunbathing is the activity of choice along the Black Sea resorts from May to October. Winter months bring truck loads of snow to the skiing resorts and snowboarding and skiing become the sports of choice. Spring and autumn frequently bring rain spells.


Bulgaria has some interesting facts associated with it. One of the most fascinating things about Bulgaria is its yogurt. It has a unique flavour because the bacteria used in making it is only found naturally in Bulgarian air. While other countries may import it, its origins lie in Bulgaria. In Bulgarian society a nod of the head means no while shaking it from left to right means yes but at times, particularly at tourist resorts, they do it the other way round to the utter confusion of the tourists!

Fast Facts:

Capital:   Sofia

Government:   Parliamentary democracy

Area:   110,994 square kilometers (42,855 square miles)

Language:    Bulgarian

Currency:   Lev

Religion:   Bulgarian Orthodox, Muslim

Country code:   +359


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