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Irresistibly pleasant is how the European country Belgium could be best described and it conforms to this adjective not just in the climatic sense but social, economical and political too. Indeed, how can a relatively small country which gave the world French Fries and Tintin be anything other than imaginative, innovative and courteous to the core?

When you visit Belgium, the first point that would strike you pertains to diversity – geographical, linguistic and culinary. To its north, this country is flanked by beckoning beaches, around the central portion there are rolling hills and the south is predominantly mountainous. Officially three languages that rule the roost here are Dutch, French and German but in spite of this the local population would be more than willing to converse in English on being given a chance.


Being home to NATO head-quarters has ensured that it remains in the eye of the storm but Belgium does boast of an equally tumultuous past. The fact that Napoleon’s winning spree was truncated at its borders is indicative of the determination of Belgians as also the fact that this country has often found itself repulsing its more predatory neighbors.

Life here is a wonderful mix of culture and science with both emerging equally victorious and thanks to all these eclectic ingredients the outcome is delectable, tempting and as balanced as can be imagined.


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