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Primarily a mountainous country, Albania is situated on the Adriatic. It shares its northern border with Serbia, north western border with Montenegro, eastern border with Macedonia and southern border with Greece. Roughly seventy percent of the north, east and south portion of the country is made up of mountainous highlands and the western coast has the low region suitable for agriculture. It is also the area housing most of the country’s population.

Mother Theresa’s birth land has a lot to offer its visitors. It provides everything from beach to mountain holidays, along with dynamic city life and open-air cafes. The dense forests initially look inaccessible; but with the newly developed tourism infrastructure, the Albanian and Balkan peaks provide breathtaking views that have remained untouched for hundreds of years. The Mediterranean coast provides access to beautiful beaches that give insight to the area in ancient times.

Influence of the Ottoman Empire can be seen in the country’s architecture of over sized Turkish-styled structures. Albanian food is a mixture of the foods of surrounding countries. Albania’s large variety of meats like lamb, mullet, and fish combined with rich vegetation producing many spices, olives and grapes allow for the creation of a large variety of dishes.  


Albania enjoys a variety of climates. The coastal areas experience warm, dry summers with mild, wet winters due to the warm sea air. Eastern portion of the country experiences the effect of continental air that provide for mild summers and cold winters with temperatures falling below zero. Rainfall is plentiful throughout the year, only it is unevenly distributed.

Fast Facts

Government Type:   Parliamentary republic

Capital:  Tirana

Area:   28,748 square kilometers (11,100 square miles)

Ethnic Groups:   Albanian & Greek

Religion:   Muslim, Albanian Orthodox & Roman Catholic

Languages:    Albanian & Greek

Currency:    Lek

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