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When deciding between a chalet and a hotel in the alps, you should always choose a chalet. But why, and how do you choose the best chalet for you?  It might be hard to believe but booking a chalet can be more affordable, totally convenient, very flexible and also private.


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Why choose a chalet?

When you book an Alpine break you really want to be in the thick of the action. Whether that be during the winter ski season, or during the warm summer months where you can enjoy so many exciting outdoor activities. Sometimes the key to enjoying your summer activity holiday is in the details like booking the right chalet for you.

Here are five tips to help you to make that decision and choose the best alpine chalet for your holiday:

1.      To go catered or self-catering?

The biggest question when deciding on a chalet is whether you choose to have a fully catered break or to go self-catering.

  • Why to choose a Catered Chalet- Most offer the same facilities as a hotel but a much more personalised experience. You can book a chalet privately or share with other likeminded guests looking for the same adventure as you. With a catered chalet, you get home from home comforts but also a staff host to cook you and your party a hearty breakfast and delicious evening meals. Then when you are done they clean for you too!
  • Why choose self-catering- With the self-catering option you can have the place to yourself and come and go as you please without having to worry about mealtimes.
    All self-catered chalets usually come with fully equipped kitchens and homely lounge and dining rooms. With most companies, you will also be treated to a welcome back and domestic supplies to get you started.

Depending on what you want out of your accommodation will depend on which you choose. However, for an easier life and to let others do the work, a catered chalet is a good idea. Once you have made this major decision it makes it much easier to decide on the rest.

2.      Choose the right location.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right location to stay during your Alpine break. By thinking about what kind of break you want and doing your research you can find the best place for your group to stay.

Do you want to be close to the mountains or nearer to the resort centre? What amenities do you need close by, and how will you get to your accommodation from the airport? These are some of the things you need to think about before you choose your chalet location.

During the summer season if you are planning on plenty of walking, biking and hikes then you might want to be nearer to the mountains trails to get out there straight from breakfast. However, if you are self-catering, you might want to be closer to the resort amenities for the shopping bars and restaurants.

If you are travelling with young family members or babies, having a closer proximity to the airport is a good idea to decrease the travelling time. Whatever your wants and needs, with so many options available there is the perfect chalet out there for you.

3.      Do you need an amazing view?

You may imagine that your chalet will have beautiful mountain views and sweeping vistas to contemplate whilst you enjoy morning breakfast or evening drinks. But this is never always the case when booking a chalet. Make sure you do your research on where the chalet is located and what kind of view you can expect. If in doubt ask the question directly of your tour operator or whoever you are booking with.

Some examples of Chalets with great views in the French Alps are Chalets in the mountains in Morzine which offer guests a panoramic view of Morzine and the ski run on the mountain opposite. Also, Chalets in Les Gets offer beautiful countryside and chocolate box architecture.

Remember though, an amazing view will almost always cost you more. Review your budget and decide how important the view is compared to how much it will cost you and where you want to be located. Do you really need that amazing view? For some people that is the top reason they book a luxury chalet, to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

4.      To share or not to share

Sharing a chalet is predominately a British thing to do whilst on a ski or adventure holiday in the Alps. But would you be happy to share your accommodation with other travellers you have never met?

Today a Chalet break is far from the rustic stays of the past, where guests were under each other feet. High End properties provide en-suite rooms, top quality meals and hot tubs and swimming pools. Booking into a catered chalet with other guests can help to build camaraderie and friendships with new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

If there are enough guests in your party then you can book out the whole place without having to share with strangers too! Having a Chalet to yourselves as a large group can be a great fun and give you an experience to remember.  It can also save you some money too, as it can be much cheaper to book a break sharing accommodation.

5.      Who books a Chalet for their break?

Groups of friends or family who want to stay together tend to book a chalet as you can have your own private rooms and bathrooms but have a communal living and dining space to enjoy quality time together.

People who are looking for a bargain often book a room in a chalet too, as you can get some pretty good deals, especially if you are on your own or as a couple.  You can especially find excellent deals during the summer months for all your active holiday adventures. It might be cheaper than you think to stay in a chalet on your alpine holiday.

Visitors who are new to this kind of holiday find it a good idea to stay with other more experienced holiday makers, and will also be glad of the expert advice the staff there can give them. If you are new to this experience then this is a good way to start.

If you want to hear great stories and share experiences then a Chalet might just be for you. Are you one of these types of people who could benefit from booking a Chalet?

So, which type of Chalet will you choose?

The Alps in France are the perfect destination for a Chalet stay for your summer activity holiday. You just need to choose where and which one! Hopefully these five tips listed above will help you come to that decision and get you on your way to booking your Alpine break. Have you booked an Alpine Chalet for your holiday in the French Alps? What are your thoughts on how to choose the best Chalet for your break?     


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