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Visiting London is an exciting prospect as travellers will get to see one of the most exciting cities in the world. Often safety is not something that visitors think about as they are in a tourist bubble where they believe that they will always be fine. Unfortunately things can go wrong, but there are many ways to avoid any unnecessary circumstances by following some simple rules. Public transport can certainly be a place where travellers could get into trouble so they should work out where they are going at all times. The very first thing they should do is find out where their hotel is based and the closest tube station to their accommodation.

London busFurther than that they should work out which buses pass through the area and especially which night buses work after the tubes shut down for the evening. The transport network in general in the capital is very safe, as there is CCTV everywhere and staff that are on duty to help. Many buses have conductors and there are often members of the British Transport Police on duty in many areas that will be more than happy to help. Sometimes tourists can be nervous being on public transport so a tip is to perhaps stand close to a driver contact point. This is where people can pull the lever and the driver will stop at the next station.

He or she will then come down the platform and find out what is happening. Naturally this is only to be used in an emergency and not just for a minor problem. If tourists feel a bit unsure about travelling on buses then they should definitely stay downstairs close to the driver or conductor. The drivers have radios that they can use to easily get in touch with the control room if anything untoward happens. If travellers feel uneasy in an underground carriage they can quite easily change their seats to the next carriage when the tube stops at a station.

mstay hydepark hotelTravellers should stay at a hotel at the centre of London so they don’t have to travel far to get to attractions and sights. A great choice is the MStay Hyde Park Hotel that is found close to many excellent restaurants and cafes. This is one of the best hotels near Hyde Park that offers tourists fantastic air-conditioned rooms with modern features including an LCD digital television and complimentary Wi-Fi that’s ideal for checking emails. There is also an en-suite shower room and a kitchenette that offers utensils and a hob for cooking. There are a range of sizes in rooms at this brilliant accommodation including triple and family.

Tourists should be careful when they get one of the city’s famous black cabs as they need to check it is registered. Other tips include not wandering around the city with earphones in listening to music. When on holiday in an unknown city it is possible for a tourist to let their guard down and be a victim of pick-pocketing. It is vital that travellers carry their purses in a zipped up bag and it is a good idea to leave expensive items such as an iPod at the hotel. Travellers should ideally take as little as possible with them when travelling around a city. 


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