There is nothing better for travellers than tasting food or drink that reminds them of cuisine from home. Thousands of American tourists visit the city of London regularly to see the sights and attractions of the capital. Travellers from around the world are very lucky when they come to London as they are guaranteed a range of restaurant and café choices. Tourists can try an array of eateries that have food including Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Nigerian and Russian. There are also plenty of places to venture to that has American food and US tourists can head to certain destinations to enjoy cuisine from their homeland.

FoodThe capital has a range of burger restaurants that are high-end or just pit stops in busy areas that are ideal for a quick bite. Burgers are certainly something that eateries in London have been working on in recent years and there are numerous destinations that now offer different types of burgers. The capital accommodates all kinds of diners with restaurants offering burgers for vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten-free buns. What would a burger be without fries? There are now a variety of chips available in the city with thick cut, thin fries and those made with special or healthy oils, and the popular sweet potato fries.

Travellers staying in the city of London will want to be close to great eateries so should stay at the centre of the capital. The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington hotel is a great choice of accommodation found near Hyde Park. This venue is a top hotel near London Paddington station that allows tourists to jump on the Heathrow Express train to quickly get to the airport. Its spacious rooms offer excellent facilities including a plasma television and complimentary Wi-Fi internet perfect for checking emails. The air-conditioned living spaces are very comfortable and include queen size beds, safes and iron and ironing board.

BurgerHot dogs are also a very quintessential American dish that is available similarly to burgers around the city in different forms. Some are expertly made as part of a gourmet meal, while others are just as delicious and available on stands or at the city’s famous food markets. Chicken is clearly a favourite with Americans and there have been a glut of eateries that have opened over the years in London offering several types of chicken dishes. Tourists will be pleased to be able to head to some very healthy destinations for their chicken fix. The city also offers incredible lobster bars and seafood restaurants that will appeal to US visitors.

Comfort food is famous as being a staple of eateries in the Deep South of the US, and tourists will discover many destinations in the city that offer these types of dishes. A particularly favourite dish of US visitors is a great steak and the English capital is helpful in providing many places that offer this meal. There are again destinations that provide high-end cuisine with steaks top of their menu. The city offers a huge amount of diners that are typically American eateries with an open kitchen. They have true US classics such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and desserts such as lemon meringue pies.


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