London Underground

London is an incredibly exciting city with plenty of history and culture, making it an enticing prospect for travellers. There are certain ideas that tourists have in their heads about the British and particularly about the capital. Everyone visiting London knows about its tube network that is an excellent transport system linking many parts of the city. The underground has many rules including walking on the left when going up escalators.

London UndergroundIn the UK, interestingly, cars are always driven on the left side of the road. There is, however, one place at The Savoy Hotel where motorists must drive on the right-hand side. Some people believe it’s to make it easier for taxis, so they can drop off passengers at the Savoy Theatre before picking up customers from the hotel. Either way, this is a fascinating quirk of this part of London just off the busy Strand.

Heading to these attractions means it’s important to find a fantastic accommodation right at the heart of London. The Montcalm Royal London House Hotel is a fabulous residence with incredible rooms and suites. There are many modern amenities in the living spaces at this Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch and a spacious bathroom with rain showers and Elemis toiletries. This is one of the best hotels in the London City area that’s close to large corporations and tech firms, making it easy for working tourists to get around the city. The brand-new hotel offers an opportunity to be the part of their exciting competition named “A Taste of RLH“.

Buckingham PalaceA very attractive sight in London is Buckingham Palace as the building is gorgeous and attracts millions of travellers every year. Tourists know about this building’s inhabitants and probably fancy the idea of potentially meeting a member of the royal family during their trip. The Queen is certainly the most famous royal family member. Fascinatingly, she needs permission to enter the City of London. Even though her role is as the head of state, she needs to officially ask the Lord Mayor to be allowed into the heart of the capital. 

The Houses of Parliament are just as busy as the palace when it comes to travellers. Visitors regularly get their pictures taken in front of this stunning building and head inside for tours. Many fascinating parts of London offer up impressive facts, so it’s a magnificent idea to go on a tour of the city so that travellers can ask an expert all their questions.


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