WMOTV Infographic

More and more Brits are upping sticks every year in search of a new (usually sunnier) life, some for work, some for the weather and some just to retire. Whatever the reason, what’s interesting is where they all end up. Unsurprisingly the top choice is Australia with a whopping 1,400,000 expats from the UK living there today!

Interestingly, the top 11-20 countries that British expats end up are not what you might think! For example, 44,000 are currently residing in Israel and 29,000 in Kenya! Maybe for a lot of you the results of our Expat guide won’t come as a surprise at all, but for us it was very interesting.


We have conducted extensive research into where they are all hiding and would be interested to know what everyone’s thoughts on these findings are. If you are one of these Expats we would love to hear your story.

Take a look at our great infographic. Click here to open larger version.

WMOTV Infographic


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