Studying abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching experiences of a person’s life. It provides students and interns with an opportunity to see the world, immerse themselves in a new culture, and learn about a subject that’s important to them through hands-on interaction; not a 90-minute seated lecture.

Beyond the educational benefits, studying abroad is also great for the human spirit. It’s a chance to escape one’s comfort zone, navigate a strange city thousands of miles from home, and make new lifelong friends. At the end of the day, few experiences afford you the opportunity to learn more about yourself than studying abroad.

Still, the study abroad planning process can be confusing and overwhelming. Where will I stay? What should I bring? When are my classes? If you have a good travel abroad host like Panrimo, many of your accommodations are included in the program. For everything else, you’ll have a dedicated personal advisor at your disposal you can call with questions or concerns relating to any aspect of the program.

Here are 5 common questions people have about studying abroad:

1) What city should I visit? From Beijing to Buenos Aires to London, Panrimo gives students a chance to visit some of the world’s most historical cities. The fact of the matter is, all of these cities are amazing and will provide a perfect setting for the most culturally and intellectually enriching experience of your life. For that reason, the city you choose should be inspired by the courses being taught and how they relate to your major; not which city would be the “coolest” to visit.

2) Can I afford this? Panrimo appreciates the value of studying abroad on a student’s education, so the company does what it can to make the trip affordable. From financial aid to grants and scholarships, Panrimo assists students in securing the resources needed to fund or defray the cost of the trip. They will also help you prepare a travel budget. Once you arrive at your study abroad city, many of your expenses – including housing accommodations and most meals – are provided, minimizing your out-of-pocket experiences.


3) Where will I stay? At Panrimo, students don’t have to worry about their living arrangement. Housing accommodations are included in the study abroad package. Depending on the program, students can choose between the following:

1) Living with a host family

2) Living in a furnished apartment

3) Upgrading to a private bedroom

4) Living in an on-campus resident hall with local students

4) Will there be excursions? The whole point of study abroad is to learn though touching and seeing; not textbooks and lectures. So of course you’ll have a chance to experience your study abroad city! Panrimo includes excursions and cultural immersion activities for all programs, selected based on cultural importance, educational value, and safety.

5) Can I experience the city on my own? Of course, you’ll have the ability to act as your own tour guide. That’s part of the fun! For your own safety, you should never venture off without friends. Panrimo has an onsite coordinator who will recommend areas you should visit, and more importantly, areas you should avoid. This includes a bi-weekly email suggesting things to see and do.

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