Volunteering provides a way to get direct experience of the major issues like conservation, poverty, and disease that nations have to face. It is also a way of making positive contributions while exploring and learning about different cultures. There are numerous volunteer opportunities available in Serbia, suitable for all tastes. Many projects are run for two or three week and do not require special skills.

Besides projects that help to improve the standard of living of many Serbs, there are sport related projects as well. Ideally suited for sports instructors wanting to practice their skills, sports enthusiasts are also welcomed. Volunteers work with disabled adults, and children who are disadvantaged.

Situated in a national park on the Serbian and Bulgarian border, the Volunteer for Butterflies project involves expeditions to monitor butterflies. Volunteers learn how to mark butterflies, and contribute to wild life research, while exploring a great park. Project requires volunteers willing to do field work with long walks.

For volunteers who enjoy more fanfare, then there is the Exit festival. What started as a small scale protest against the Milosevic regime by three Novi Sad University students has turned into a major annual event. More than a thousand volunteers are needed to help with program production, bar work, press centre, marketing, security, entrances and many other jobs. The festival attracts major acts like Primal Scream and Paul Weller. Volunteers work six hour shifts for approximately one week. Applications for volunteering open in May each year, for just two weeks.


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